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Fitness classes in English in Paris

Although an amazing and life-changing experience, moving to Paris can be stressful. Why not take an exercise class to get your body moving and sweat some of that stress away? Most of all, don’t let a language barrier stop you from keeping fit in Paris, with these exercise classes in English in Paris. Anglophones can stay in shape in Paris too!
Whatever exercise class you’re looking for, we’re sure that you can find an English-speaking class here in Paris. Cardio bunny or yoga devotee? Lodgis has got you covered. And don’t forget that group classes are also a fantastic way to meet other expats and English speakers, helping you to make new friends in Paris at your anglophone fitness classes!

Affordable Yoga and Fitness

Not only are almost all of these classes taught in English, but at just 6 euros a pop they are incredibly affordable. Make sure that you book in advance, since many of these classes book up fast and you can’t just turn up and pay on the spot. There is a huge variety of classes on offer, with everything from bootcamps to barre class to five different types of yoga! They even have regular retreats to places throughout France! Classes are in different locations throughout Paris and you’ll need to bring your own yoga mat for the yoga classes.
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Let’s Ride

This new spin studio only opened in 2016 and offers an amazing full-body workout, with PLENTY of cardio as well as upper-body strength training! Held in the dark with pounding music, you’ll lose yourself for 45 minutes and cycle harder than ever, thanks to the collective energy of the room! There are two English classes held every week and the first one is free. Perfect!
Two locations in Paris, at 21 rue des trois bornes, 75011 or 24 rue chauchat 75009.
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Midtown Studio

This is hardcore! This 45-minute class is based around high intensity interval training, with a mixture of cardio and strength training. Thinking running on a treadmill, burpees, lunges and plenty of ab work. This is also a really international class, with 30% of members being from overseas. Although this class is definitely hard work, it’s not brutal and is catered to every level, from coach potato to triathlete! Classes are limited to about 10 people, so teamwork is key as you’re motivated by those around you.
21 rue de bassano, 75016
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