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Street Food Parties in Paris

Do you like street food? Then why not attend “club” tasting evenings every weekend at the Loft du Louvre !

Street Food Parties in Paris: An original concept!

If you want to eat the best burgers at an iconic location in Paris and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, just head to the Loft du Louvre.


Every Saturday from January to April 2017, you can attend Street Food parties:


  • The best street food you have ever tasted
  • Cooking shows featuring the best specialists in the business, such as “ le camion qui fume”, “ le camion bol”, “fish and chic” and many others, who will be there for the 4-month period.
  • Top DJs !



A great club ambiance


Street Food parties at the Loft du Louvre are an amazing experience. From 8pm to 12pm the venue is a restaurant, but from 12am to 5am it becomes a nightclub.
Have an amazing weekend and enjoy the unique experience of a street food party in Paris!
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