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Top 5 Hidden Bars of Paris

Paris is a festive city that’s full of bars, but did you know that many of the best bars are hidden in unusual places in the capital? Lodgis makes you discover 5 hidden bars that have caught our attention with their unusual atmospheres.

Hidden Bars in Paris


Number 5 : The Moonshiner

Within the “Da Vito” pizzeria is the cocktail bar, the Moonshiner. To find it, you must push the metal door of the walk-in fridge. Once inside, you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the years of Prohibition. The menu offers a wide selection of cocktails and whiskey with prices ranging from 5 to 10 €.
• Address: 5 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
• Opening hours: Every day from 18h to 2h

Number 4 : The Mezcaleria

Within the hotel, 1K Paris, there is a secret bar with a South-American vibe, called the Mezcaleria. To access it, you must go through the kitchen of the hotel restaurant. The interior is an exciting blend of the local culture and underground spirit. Mezcal is honored and you can accompany this spirit with guacamole and grilled grasshoppers if you’re in the mood.
• Address: 13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris
• Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday from 19h to 2h

Number 3 : The Syndicat

Camouflaged into posters of concerts and torn advertisements, you’ll find the Syndicat, a bar that recently replaced a mobile phone sign. The interior is a mix of tinselly-silver and brown decor, and you will find spirits produced in France (Cognac, Armagnac…) that are accompanied by hip-hop music. One of the many delicious French spirits can be enjoyed from around 10 to 13 €.
• Address: 51 rue Faubourg St Denis, 75010 Paris
• Opening hours: Every day from 18h to 2h

Picture of syndicat


Number 2 : Baranaan Indian Cocktail

Hidden behind an obscure door in a coffee shop is the Baranaan, a new genre speakeasy bar that combines Indian specialties and cocktails with prices starting from 8,50 € and the famous naan bread that you can experience in several ways – with cheese, Nutella, honey – all in a musical atmosphere worthy of Bollywood films.
• Address: 7 rue du Faubourg St Martin, 75010 Paris
• Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 2:00

Number 1 : Lavomatic

If you need to do some washing, why not go to Lavomatic, where you can wash your clothes whilst nonchalantly sipping at a cocktail in the basement. This bar has been open since the summer of 2015, and you will find cocktails and meals for under 10 €, all with an original and truly kitsch-tastic atmosphere.
• Address: 30 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris
• Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 18h to 2h
Looking for even more originality? Then come discover the hidden Paris!
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