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Living in Paris

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Over the last couple of years, concept stores have been booming in Paris. They are always

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Are you wondering what the difference is between the rent call and the rent receipt? How d

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In 2017 Paris and its suburbs have some groundbreaking environmental projects lined up to

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The good weather is on its way and picnic weather is just around the corner! The thing is,

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Each year, the Japan expo is held in Paris to share 4 days of Japanese pop culture and gat

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Moving to a new city for a long-term period can be extremely exciting: new horizons, new p

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Combining work or personal activities and children can sometimes seem like an uphill battl

Roland Garros Paris 2017

Every year, as the wind blows across the city of Paris, it carries with it the sound of ra

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Easter holidays are around the corner and are you wondering how to celebrate it in Paris?

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How to make an insurance claim for damages to a furnished or unfurnished rental ?

In this article, the Parisian real estate agency, Lodgis, expains how to make an insurance

Paris Marathon 2017 !

Every year the “ShneiderElectric” Paris Marathon  is a major event! It is one of the

Foire du Trône, The most iconic fair in Paris

The Foire du Trône takes place in Paris from March 31st – May 28th 2017. It’s the

Event 2017 in Paris: The Ice Hockey World Championship

2017 is the year that the ice hockey world championships will take place in Paris! If you&

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Would you like to move to Paris but don’t understand the geographical organization o

Top 5 exhibitions in Paris in 2017

If Paris is city with the highest number of tourists in the world, it’s mainly thank

Paris Air Show 2017: An event not to be missed!

Every two years Paris hosts the aeronautic and the space convention in Paris-Le Bourget, c

Concierge services to improve your stay in Paris

Paris: the city of light awaits you! Visiting museums, strolling near the Eiffel Tower, ap

The Paris International Agricultural Show 2017: the Place to be !

The 54th annual Paris International Agricultural Show will take place at the Porte de Vers

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As a tenant, dealing with damages to a rental property is a much dreaded affair. In this p

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Are you wondering how to celebrate your first Valentine’s day in Paris ?   Have

The South of Paris, presented by Lodgis

The South of Paris, which contains the 13th and 14th arrondissements, is one of the lesser

3 essential tips for finding a handyman

Water damage? A tap to change? Appliances to install or renovations to make in the kitchen

Paris Underground: A once in a lifetime experience in the Catacombs

A vast, 280km network of tunnels beneath the city, the Catacombs of Paris hold the remains

Day trips around Paris: The Château de Sceaux

The Château de Sceaux is a grand 17th-Century country estate that was masterminded by the

Paris Underground: Get a flavour for Paris in the Sewers

While a trip down the city’s drains won’t appeal to all, for many the Paris Se

Eastern Paris presented by Lodgis

Hip, edgy, spacious, gentrified, family-friendly… Eastern Paris has it all! From its

Paris Undergound: Discover the vaulted tunnels of the Canal Saint Martin

The Canal Saint-Martin, which links the Canal de l’Ourcq to the Seine, might not loo

Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection

For the first time in 70 years, the visionary collection of masterpeices amassed by Russia

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Are you hoping to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment in France and wondering whethe

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions in Paris

New Year, New You? Every January, after days, weeks or months of vice and indulgence, mill

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