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Will you need to pay the French council tax (taxe d’habitation) for a furnished rental property?

In this post, Lodgis, the real estate agency specializing in furnished rentals in Paris, wants to tell you all you need to know about the French council tax (taxe d’habitation) for tenants in a furnished rental property.

Will Parisians be swimming in the river Seine soon?

Is something missing in Paris? When Paris starts to heat up during the summer, most people have been tempted at least once to jump into the river Seine just to cool down for a few minutes. Paris might be one of the most popular cities...

Which pass to choose when visiting Paris?

Would you like a trip to Paris with reductions and good deals for visiting the capital’s monuments and must-see tourist attractions? Lodgis recommends that you consider buying one of these passes that could help you save precious time!

Which neighborhoods in Paris are suitable for families?

Finding accommodation in Paris is not easy, but finding the right neighborhood to live in is even harder when you have a family! With many different kinds of neighborhood, you’ll find varying environments and lifestyles across Paris. Unless you already know where you’ll be living...

Where to refresh or swim in Paris when it’s hot ?

This is an article that will be very useful when Paris starts to warm up during the summer months. During a heat wave most Parisians looking to cool off, relax and enjoy the sun. But is this possible in Paris? How? Where? Are there any...

Where to play sport in Paris?

Every year, millions of people come to visit Paris to discover its museums and historic landmarks, its luxury shops and gourmet cuisine. But sometimes life in a busy cosmopolitan capital can feel stressful – the crowded exhibitions, the rich food, the metro journeys – and...

Where to play football in Paris?

Are you living or staying in Paris and mad about football/soccer? Do you fancy playing football with friends, morning, afternoon or evening? There’s just one thing you need: a pitch. Where can you play football/soccer in Paris? Lodgis answers all your questions in this post!

Where to go on Bastille Day (July 14th)?

The French National Day of 14th July is just around the corner and are you wondering where, when and how to celebrate it? Lodgis has some advice and tips to fully enjoy this 14th July 2017 with your friends and relatives. Find all the information...

Where to get food on Sundays in Paris ?

Did you go out on Saturday night and have just woken up on Sunday morning, starving and without a single crumb in the fridge? Welcome to Sunday in Paris, when supermarkets are often closed on the one day of the week when you need them...

Where to find the best pastries in Paris?

Paris deserves its position as the best city in the world for tourists and for good reason: it doesn’t stop surprising and sharing its many secrets with its visitors. Among its treasures, we find its delicious pastries that keep being reinventing and restyled. Would you...

Where can you eat African food in Paris?

African food is as spicy as it is diverse, despite what one might think. It’s not just mafés (peanut sauce – meat dish) or fried plantains or bananas. Here is Lodgis list of the top 3 African restaurants in Paris!

What to do in Paris when it’s cold and rainy?

Yes, summer has unfortunately left us and the nights are beginning to draw in. But don’t despair! Even though the good weather has left us, there’s nothing to worry about! Lodgis has a guide to activities for when the weather is bad in Paris!

What to do in Paris at Christmas?

Christmas will soon be upon us. Every year in Paris the streets are brought to life with lights, decorations, and the countless different events and activities that are organized. What is there to see and do in Paris for Christmas 2017?

What is open on August 15th?

August 15th, also called “Assumption Day”, is a public holiday in France. Many (but not all) of the shops are closed. In 2015, the 15th of August falls on a Saturday. Is this a big problem? Not necessarily, if you are aware of what is...

What is a bulletin de paie and how does it work ?

This is a very common question among not only expats, but also born and bred Parisians ! What is a bulletin de paie, how on earth does it work and how do salaries really work in France ? Most of all, WHAT do all these numbers mean ?...

What if you spent Make Music Day (la Fête de la musique) on a boat?

France’s annual music festival, Make Music Day or “la Fête de la musique” is coming soon. Just like every year, people will get together on 21st June. This year it’s happening on a Sunday!

What can you do in Paris this weekend? Go to the Saint-Ouen Flea Market (Marché aux Puces)!

Not sure how to spend your Sundays in Paris? Looking for an original activity? Lodgis invites you to discover the Flea Market of Saint-Ouen in Paris, which is an unusual, historical place that’s also known as the “Puces de Clignancourt”.

What are the most vibrant districts to live in Paris?

Paris is a city known for its cultural dynamism and its many neighbourhoods that are lively both day and night. Finding an area to live can be tricky, as the city is large and each district has its own unique atmosphere. Trust Lodgis to help...

Western Paris presented by Lodgis

From the museum-filled 7th arrondissement to the luxurious 16th and the quiet residential streets of the 15th, western Paris offers plenty of options for tourists, professionals, expats and students coming to the French capital.

Wedding dress designers in Paris

Magical, charming, poetic and surprising, Paris is probably the most romantic city in the world!

Walk with us in the 12th arrondissement of Paris!

Often neglected in favor of other neighborhoods like the Marais, Bastille or the Latin Quarter, the 12th district still deserves to be known.

Useful French words and expressions for your time in Paris

Hey guys! If you’re thinking of moving to Paris or currently live here, check out this list of useful French words and expressions for coping with the ‘Parisian lifestyle’!

Trips around Paris: Thoiry Safari Zoo

Would you like to have a nice day out with your family but don’t feel like facing the queues at Disneyland Paris? The Thoiry garden is home to the magnificent Castle of Thoiry and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe.

Tourists in Paris: Be careful with selfies!

Beware of taking selfies! Visitors using selfie sticks are being deemed « personna non grata » in more and more museums in Paris.

Tour Triangle in Paris: the project is back… and approved!

The Tour Triangle project has been approved! This skyscraper will be a triangular-shaped tower and will be built in the Porte de Versailles area of Paris.

Top co-working cafés in Paris

Would you like to work or study away from your office or bedroom? It’s possible! Paris is brimming with co-working cafes offering their customers a pleasant place to work. These all have an internet connection and unlimited cups of coffee! Whether you are a professional,...

Top Apps for visiting Paris

Paris offers great cultural diversity as well as the chance to lead all kinds of lifestyles; it’s a traveler’s bliss! Thanks to the apps in this article, you can get all the advices you need for an unforgettable stay in Paris!

Top 5 pedestrian streets of Paris

Paris is a city that’s best discovered by walking. If there is one thing Parisians absolutely love, it’s to get lost in the small winding streets of the City of Light and to discover what it has to offer. If you too are curious to...

Top 5 malls around Paris

Feeling like doing some shopping, enjoying the sales or window shopping? There are plenty of great malls very close to Paris and if you would like to know some of the biggest, this is the post for you!

Top 5 hidden bars in Paris

Paris is a festive city that’s full of bars, but did you know that many of the best bars are hidden in unusual places in the capital? Lodgis is here to help you discover 5 hidden bars in Paris that have caught our attention. But...

Top 5 exhibitions in Paris in 2017

If Paris is city with the highest number of tourists in the world, it’s mainly thanks to its love for art! If you come to Paris it would be a crime to miss out on some of its world-famous artwork, so we’ve put together a...

Top 5 concerts to see in Paris before the end of 2016

In this article, we bring you a hand-picked selection of the best upcoming gigs in 2016. From indie folk-rock to French electronic, don’t miss out on some of the hottest tickets in town.

Top 5 apartments near prestigious schools in Paris

Paris is a great place to study! This is why the city kept its first place position in the QS World University rankings for 4 years in a row. Even if Paris is now 2nd in the ranking, foreign students and researchers still love it...

Top 10 Paris presents that you can buy in a supermarket

Rather than buying a miniature Eiffel Tower, buy the things Parisians actually use on a daily basis and take a bit of Paris life back to your friends and family for presents that they’ll love.

Top 10 international/bilingual schools in Paris

Are you moving to Paris as a family and looking for somewhere to send your kids to school? Whatever part of the world you’re from, Paris has an excellent selection of international schools for children of all ages, which cater for a range of different...

Top 10 brunches in Paris

Coming to Paris and want to enjoy good cuisine that doesn’t break the bank? Fancy a lie-in but can’t wait until lunch? This article is just for you!

Top 10 bilingual elementary and Montessori schools in Paris

Are you moving to Paris with your family and are looking for a bilingual elementary school where they can study French and another langage ? Check out our list of the Top 10 bilingual elementary schools in Paris and the surround area to find the perfect...

Top 10 Apps for living in Paris – Part 2

More and more apps are available on our smartphones to make our daily lives easier, so why not make the most of this while staying in Paris? Route planners, news, real-time traffic updates, tips on what’s on in Paris … there are an astronomical number...

Top 10 Apps for living in Paris – Part 1

Improve your life in Paris using mobile apps! Do you live in Paris? If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry…) here is a Lodgis listing of the 10 apps that will make your life in Paris easier!

Tips for moving to Paris and renting an apartment

Renting an apartment in Paris can be challenging and to get through it successfully you’ll need to show patience and ingenuity, as well as use some of the tips that Lodgis is going to share with you…

Tips for a perfect picnic experience in Paris

Spring and sunshine have arrived and you’d quite fancy a nice afternoon with your friends under Paris’ sunny sky ? There’s just one problem… The terraces of all your favorite bars are full! So, why not have a picnic? Here are some Lodgis tips to...

Tips and tricks … for using the metro in Paris

Do you want to find out everything there is to know about visiting Paris using the Metro? It’s one of your best options for getting around: you’ll always be within a 5 minute walk from a station.

Tips and Tricks for finding an affordable 5-star hotel in Paris

Paris is globally renowned for its historic sites, its architecture and, of courses, its luxury hotels. Indeed, the French capital is full of luxury hotels and palaces that few can afford. But did you know it was possible to stay in these hotels without breaking...

Things You Need to Know before Studying abroad in Paris

Ah, Paris! The City of Love for many tourists, but for many students the city of infinite knowledge. As a student, moving away from home and going abroad to a university in Paris, université as the French call it, can be an exciting but daunting...

The «no go zones» in Paris are safer than ever!

In Paris, the recently opened Brasserie Barbès, which is located in the heart of the Montmartre neighborhood, serves great cocktails and delicious food to be enjoyed overlooking the Parisian rooftops.

The Vincennes Zoo: Another way to discover Paris

After being closed for several years, the Paris Zoological Park reopened on April 12th, 2014 with some major transformations! The entirely new zoo in Paris promises both an improved visitor experience and better welfare standards for its animals.

The South of Paris, presented by Lodgis

The South of Paris, which contains the 13th and 14th arrondissements, is one of the lesser known parts of the French capital to visitors. But don’t let that put you off! Its beautiful parks, lively restaurants and cafes, shops, museums and famous entrance to the...

The Parisian cabarets: legs for days

Paris is the capital of the cabaret shows that bring together music, dance and sketches. Over a hundred years after their golden age in the 19th century, some Parisian cabarets have undergone a complete revival and have a huge variety of shows on offer.

The Paris Quartier d’été Festival

What can you do on a budget in Paris once the sales are over? Enjoy the events at the 26th annual Paris Quartier d’été festival. It’s an international festival that enables you to enjoy musical and traditional shows.

The Paris International Agricultural Show 2017: the Place to be !

The 54th annual Paris International Agricultural Show will take place at the Porte de Versailles de Paris exhibition Center from the 25th February to the 5th March 2017.

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