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Where to play football in Paris?

Are you living or staying in Paris and mad about football/soccer? Do you fancy playing football with friends, either in morning, afternoon or evening? There’s just one thing you need: a pitch. Where can you play football/soccer in Paris? Lodgis answers your questions in this post!

Public stadiums

stade municipal paris
Entry is free and there is open access at specified times. However, it may happen that a track, stadium or any equipment is reserved by clubs or other organizations (schools, colleges) …
In Paris itself, there are many public stadiums.
Near Paris (inner suburbs outer suburbs of Paris), there are still plenty of public stadiums.
But access to the main stadium (the one used by the professional clubs of the city) is prohibited. However, access to training pitches is free. There are sometimes “city stadiums”. So don’t hesitate to take a look at the Mairie de Paris’ official website which provides you with many stadiums’ addresses in Paris!

The “city stadiums”

City Stade Paris
There are not many but they are very popular, “city” pitches are “mini-stadiums” where you can play football (sometimes with basketball hoops) with friends (5 aside normally – the maximum capacity of these small football pitches is about 10 people).
There is no official list available however! There are sometimes “city stadiums” inside public stadiums and in downtown neighborhoods.

The “futsal” (indoor football) …

futsal terrain foot indoor paris
What are these? Can’t find a stadium and want to organize a real soccer/football match with friends without being disturbed? For this, you need to book a stadium. So you have to pay for it. But you are guaranteed to play in a stadium that will be booked for an allotted time.
Two major chains of this kind of indoor football/soccer pitch exist:
FIVE : http://www.lefive.fr
URBAN SOCCER : http://www.urbansoccer.fr/
Prices generally range from €5 to 10€ (per person), depending on when you book for (weekday or weekend). Promotions are regularly on offer (1 hour = 1 hour offered purchased for example). As for timetables, they are generally very flexible (on average: 9:00 to 2:00 am).
The term “indoor football” is not used anymore. Indeed, these 10 football centers (5 vs. 5) sometimes have “outdoor” football pitches that you’ll also need to book. These are private fields, so you have to book to play football in Paris (without searching for available football/soccer pitches, which can sometimes take a very long time).
No more excuses! Get a ball, find your team… AND PLAY!
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