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Rent an apartment in Paris without a payslip!

Many people are familiar with the long process of dealing with the following. Have been offered a coveted permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) contract for a job based in Paris, they then have to find accommodation for a trial period. This can mean doing so without those famous 3 most recent payslips and uncertain as to whether their positions will be confirmed after those 2-6 fateful months. This meant that renting for a month was the best solution.

Samuel, a young graduate from the University of Bordeaux, was hired on a permanent contract by start-up in Paris. But for this 31-year-old searching for an apartment was more difficult that finding the job of his dreams.

« As a job seeker, I was adventurous as I looked for a job a long way from my home town… but I never imagined that I’d find myself two weeks away from starting work without somewhere to live ».

« I became a tenant during a trial period without needing pay slips »

« As a student, I did lots of house shares but it’s time for me to move on – I want my own apartment, my own space and privacy…my years of house sharing remind me of being a student.

«A friend of mine, who had just spent a week in New York, explained how she had rented an apartment for her stay. The penny dropped. I decided that this was an option worth exploring and much simpler than trying to rent an unfurnished apartment with a long lease. So I decided I would rent a fully furnished apartment for a few month as soon as possible in the area of my choice!»

The best way to know if you should choose being near to your workplace or in a certain arrondissement or neighborhood is to rent for a few months and try out different apartments in different places!

Lodgis offers a selection of apartment to rent for a month as a primary residence. This is the answer for people like Samuel, who need to rent an affordable apartment in Paris!

An example of an apartment suitable for traveling professionals and those moving to the capital:

Furnished Studio – Rue des Prairies, Paris 20th

Another alternative: the bank guarantee

This alternative allows you to rent an apartment in Paris without any payslip. Most people don’t know about this option, while most owners see it as a clear proof of good faith and additional security.

The bank guarantee system consists of asking the bank to block several months’ rent in a special account specially designated for this purpose and it is thus your bank that will stand as surety to the apartment’s owner.

It allows you to rent an apartment without the required payslips to reassure the owner. However, this means that you saved money beforehand because this amount will be in a blocked account and that you will still have to keep paying your rent every month as well as bank fees.

We hope this post helped you to understand better all the options that you have when you want to rent an apartment in Paris without payslips during your trial period and we wish you the best living in Paris!

Are you looking for a studio in Paris?

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