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Studying in Paris

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Top 10 international/bilingual schools in Paris

Are you moving to Paris as a family and looking for somewhere to send your kids to school? Whatever part of the world you’re from, Paris has an excellent selection of international schools for children of all ages, which cater for a range of different budgets and academic curriculums. Whatever your requirements are, here is our guide to the top 10 international/bilingual schools:

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Students: how to find accommodation in Paris?

Are you getting ready to come to Paris to continue your studies (university, Erasmus, preparatory classes, student exchange…)? The first step to moving to Paris is finding accommodation… But it’s not that easy! Because in Paris accommodation is expensive and student housing is limited. Even if renting a furnished studio sounds like the best solution, here are some different avenues to explore for finding a place that best suits your budget and requirements!